Class 10(AISSE)-out of 25 students who appeared for the examination 9 got distinction and the rest of the students secured first class during the academic year 2017-18.


Total Number of Teachers              :

(All Classes)                                       :40

Number of TGTs                               :11

Number of PGTs                               :0

Number of PETs                                :2

Number of PRTs                                :18

Number of Mandatory Training     :7

Qualified Teachers                            :All Qualified

Number of Training Attended        :

By Faculty since last year                :5


SUBJECTS OFFERED FOR                CLASS   9,10

012         MALAYALAM

041         MATHEMATICS

085         HINDI COURSE-B

086         SCIENCE

087         SOCIAL SCIENCE






Total Number of Sites of School                                                                -1

Total Number of Building Blocks                                                                -1

Total Area of Playground in Square meters                          –

Total Number of Rooms                                                                -3

Total Number of Small Sized Rooms                                        -2

Total Number of Medium nSized Rooms                                               -29

Total Number of Large Sized Rooms                                        -3

Total Number of Male Rest Room

Total Number of Female Rest Room

Number of Girls Toilet                                                                   -11

Number of Boys Toilet                                                                   -11

Number of Toilets for Differently Abled Persons                               -0

Number of Washrooms for Female Staff                                               -1

Number of Washrooms for Male Staff                                   -1

Total Number of Libraries                                                             -1

Number of Laboratories                                                                               -2

Total number of Student Canteens                                          -1

Total Number of Staff Canteens                                                                -0

Number of Water Pueifiers/ROS                                                               -0

Number of Auditoriums                                                                                -1

Number of Lifts/Elevators                                                            -0

Number of Digital Classrooms                                                    -1

Does the School has Hostel Facility                                           -No

Does the School has Guards Employed for safety              -Yes

Does the School has Fire Extinguisher                                     -Yes

Does the School has Sprinkler                                                    -No

Does the School has CCTV Cameras Installed                       -Yes

Is the School Examination Center of CBSE                             -No

Total Number of Computer In All Computer Lab                                -15

Does the School has Web Servers                                            -Yes

Does the School has A Boundary Wall                                     -Yes

Is  Your School  Barrier Free/Has                                                -Yes

Does the School has clinic Facility                                              -Yes

Does the School has A Strong Room                                        -No

Does the School has A Gymnasium                                          -No

Is Your School Wi-Fi Enabled                                                       -Yes

Provision For Web Based Learning Programs                       -Yes

Does the School has Fire Alarms                                                                -No

Does the School has Sports Facility                                           -Yes

Does the School has Indoor Games Facility                           -Yes

Does the School has A Swimming Pool                                   -No

Does the School has Dance/Music Facility                             -Yes

Does the School has Dance/Music Facility                             -Yes

Total Number of Buses Owned                                                  -9

Total Number of Buses Hired                                                      –

Total Number of Vans/Matadors                                              -1

Total Number of Drivers                                                                               -10

Number of Female Attendants                                                  -7

Number of Activity Rooms                                                           -2

Total Number of Sites of School                                                                -1

Total Number of Building Blocks                                                                -2

For Bus Duty

Name of Transports Coordinator                                              -Krishnan K.P

Transport Coordinator Contact                                                  -9387728644


Nearest Nationalised Bank                                          :SBI Thrikkaripur

Nearest  Bus Station                                                       :Cheruvathur

Nearest Railway Station                                                                :Cheruvathur

Nearest Airport                                                                                :Kannur

Nearest Hospital                                                              :Govt.Hospital.Padne

Nearest Police Station                                                   :Chandera

Nearest Metro Station

Distance of Bank From School(in KM)                                     : 7

Distance of Bus Terminal From School(in KM)                     : 7

Distance of Airport From School(in KM)                                 : 70

Distance of Railway Station  From School(in KM)                                : 6

Distance of Hospital From School(in KM)                                               : 1.30

Distance of Police Station From School(in KM)                    : 6

Distance of Metro From School(in KM)                                  : 7



10th Board Pass percentage(2014/2015/2016)                                      -100/100/100

Name of Wellness/Activity Teacher                                                         -Mrs.BINDU

Name of  Grievance/Complaint Redressal Officer                             – Mr.K.P KRISHNAN

Contact Number of  Grievance/Complaint Redressal Officer         -9387728644

Email ID of Grievance/Complaint Redressal Officer                 

Name of Head of Sexual Harassment Committee                                              -Mrs.Gayathri

Contact Number of Head of Sexual Harassment Committee        -8547708442

Email ID of Head of Sexual Harassment Committee                

Name of Contact Person in Case of emergency                                  -A. C .NASAR

Contact  Number of   Contact Person                                                      -9946613729

Email ID of Contact Person in Case of                                            

10th Board Pass Percentage(2014/15/16)                                               -100/100/100

Total Number of Doctors in School Clinic                                                -0

Total Number of Nurses in School Clinic                                                 -0

Total Number of Beds  in School Clinic                                                    -3

Level of involvement of School in CBSE Activities                                               -Active

Do the Teachers get Proper Grade like PGT/TGT as per  the

Classes they are entitled to teach                                                             -Yes

Do the teachers &staff get their salary within first week of

the month                                                                                                          -Yes

Does the School has EPF facility for staff                                                -Yes

EPF Registration Number                                                                             -KR|KNR|0018476000

Mode of Salary Payment                                                                              -Bank Payment

Name of Bank with Salary Account                                                           -Union Bank,Cheruvathur

Are the school accounts Audited Regularly                                           -Yes

Parent Teachers Association as per Norms                                           -Yes

Academic Session                                                                                            – June-March

Vacation Period                                                                                                -April-May


  1. Value Based Education :-   Positive nourishment of the child’s character.
  2. Eco Friendly :-   Lolistic and ecological view of the environment
  3. Co-curricular activities :-   Bring out innate talent.